What Should I Look for When Buying a Pet

When purchasing a new pet, it is worthwhile to spend some extra time to make sure you are getting a healthy, good quality animal. While some of these ideas apply to obtaining a animal from the animal shelter, all of them pertain to purchasing an animal from a private party.

1) Do some research to make sure you are dealing with a reputable breeder. You want to make sure you are buying an animal from someone who has a history of providing healthy animals with good temperaments. Pursue some references either from the breeder or others who know the breed.

2) If possible, observe what the breeder’s facility looks like. Is the kennel or house neat and clean? Is there a lot of animal waste left unattended? Are there a lot of flies present? Do the other animals present appear bright, alert, and basically healthy

3) If possible, observe and interact with the new animals parents. Does their conformation look normal for breed? Do they appear basically healthy? Do they have good personalities? If the animal is to be around young children, do the parents respond positively to the children.

4) If possible, get a veterinary examination on the animal before purchase or a guarantee that you can return the animal if there are any strong concerns with the animal after purchase but before you get really attached.

5) Try and avoid petshops or individuals who raise red flags during the purchase process as money is often more important to these individuals than providing a healthy, good quality animal.

6) Remember the advantage of obtaining a mixed breed animal is a process called “hybrid vigor” in that mixed breed animals tend to be healthier long term.

Please call us at SVC if you have any questions or concerns prior to obtaining a new pet.

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