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Large Animal Services

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Sweetwater Veterinary Clinic offers a full range of services for your large animal including, but not limited to horses, cows, pigs, sheep, and goats. Routine services provided for large animals include:

  •  General, pre-purchase and insurance physical examinations.

  •  Preparation of health papers for interstate and international export.

  •  Treatment and prevention of internal and external parasites

  •  Diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions

  •  Diagnosis and treatment of illness  and disease processes

  •  Evaluation of nutritional status

  •  Dental care including floating and tooth  extraction

  •  Diagnosis and treatment of eye injuries and disorders

  •  Foot and leg care including lameness evaluation with x-ray and  ultrasound  examination of tendons.

  •  Diagnosis and treatment of digestive disorders including colic

  •  Cardiovascular and pulmonary evaluation

  •  Diagnosis and treatment of throat abnormalities with fiber optiscope  evaluation